Blast Engineering

Blasting in rock is becoming much more common in densely built-up areas, where it incurs a high risk of damage to buildings, instruments, computers, data communication equipment, broadcasting stations and other sensitive installations. By choosing the optimal blasting method, it is possible to avoid causing injury to people or damage to surrounding buildings, structural components and sensitive equipment. An optimal blasting method also enables the fastest possible advancement of construction projects, including tunnels, trenches, foundations, roads and railways, as well as efficient production in quarries and mines.

Nitro Consult offers specialists in blasting technique
In order to achieve the right end-result without damaging the environment, we plan and control all blasts. Nitro Consult has well-trained consultants with many years of experience, who can dimension and calculate even the most advanced blasts, both outdoors and indoors. We also have in-depth knowledge of the current labor and environmental legislation. This, in combination with our technical expertise, enables us to carry out the blasting work exactly, considerately, safely and profitably.

From planning to execution
When there are high demands on successful blasting, we often become involved already at the planning stage. Our work usually begins with geologic, geotechnical, feasibility and environmental pre-studies, followed by rock facility and/or rock space design, blast design, modeling, risk assessment and risk analysis. Acting as consultants and/or direct service providers, we can take care of everything from site investigation, design, planning, permits, third-party consultations and structural surveys, to project implementation, ongoing communication, final surveys and rock-facility maintenance.

High quality blasting
In civil engineering, mining, inner-city construction and demolition, we apply special techniques to deliver the desired physical results with minimal impact on the surrounding geological, structural, ecological, hydrological and botanical environments. The aim of a blast can be to obtain good rock material or to create a space in the rock. We use the best available technology to perform calculations and control everything from initial earthmoving to the blasting itself, and we also provide the supporting documentation after the blasts have taken place. Our calculations and considerations then create a basis for executing the project with emphasis on the size and placement of explosive charges. In demanding projects, we give continuous support to the production blasters. Examples include contour blasting and cautious blasting in tunnels and rock chambers, underwater blasting and situations where there are stringent demands on the rock material.

Demolition blasting
Nitro Consult also offers consulting services for demolition blasts. This includes the provision of an initiation plan, risk analysis and working plan, which shows, for example, the preparatory work that must be carried out. During the implementation stage, we control the charging work, protective covering, safety aspects, vibrations and airblast, and liaise closely with the worksite supervisor.