The company’s in-depth knowledge of rock formations, blasting and vibration technology is based on a tradition and history dating back to the days of Alfred Nobel. Nitro Consult was founded through Nitro Nobel (now Orica) on the understanding that rock blasting should be carried out carefully and considerately with regard to both the environment and the rock that remains after the blast. Criteria such as permissible vibration, airborne shock waves, noise and groundwater levels place high demands on the client’s actions, on the implementing contractors and, not least, on the supervising consultants. A long tradition and experience consolidates and reinforces the knowledge needed for the projects of today.

When it comes to demands for cautious blasting, our consultants are often contracted when there are great demands on technical blasting and vibration expertise and where consideration must be given to the influence of vibrations and noise on the environment. In projects such as The Stockholm Southern Link (Södra länken), The Stockholm Northern Communities Expressway (Norrortsleden), The Stockholm Northern Link (Norra länken), The Stockholm City Line (Citybanan), The Bothnia Railway (Bottniabanan) and The Göta Tunnel (Götatunneln), Nitro Consult has been appointed Rock Facility Construction Manager and blasting and vibration expert, since blasting and vibration issues are often very highly prioritized.